It all started when...

In March 2015, a group of ten students in the Global Entertainment and Music Business Masters Program at Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain, produced a one-day event with the goal of hearing from women in the music industry. It all came about because we realized that although we were hearing from professionals with diverse jobs in our weekly seminars, the vast majority were male. In fact, only one of the (over 40) weekly seminars had a woman in music slotted to speak!

Desiring access to female role models, the ten students decided to create a program that would provide the Berklee community access to female leaders in the music industry, opening doors to their unique experiences and insights. The event, titled Berklee Women's Empower Symposium, was themed Portraits of Success. It showcased different stories to inspire men and women alike, and demonstrated that differences are strengths.

Though originally intended as a stopgap, the positive response was overwhelming. From there, ProjectNextUp was born.

When Michelle and (shortly thereafter) Megan returned to New York City, ProjectNextUp had become a movement. Supporters from across the globe came on board, an online platform launched, and the community has continued to grow. ProjectNextUp promises to provide a platform to empower young women in music to be the next ____. Let her fill in the blank.